Jack Henning

Jack Henning has been a parttime resident of Gloucester since 1987. He is currently a Florida resident, residing in Gloucester in the summer. He and his wife, Debbie, are philanthropic supporters of several Gloucester institutions including GMGI, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester Stage Company, Generous Gardeners, The Open Door, and Sawyer Library.

Jack was first attracted to Pier 58 Gloucester because he had seen firsthand the transformational impact of Faneuil Hall in Boston when he lived in Boston in the 1970s. Later due to his Virginia based company, he saw other Rouse developments in Baltimore and Norfolk, Virginia have similar effects.

Entrepreneurial by nature and now with 35 years of experience running his own middle market sheet metal fabrication company, DACS Inc, in Portsmouth, Virginia, Jack brings a wealth of practical experience and local philanthropic and personal contacts to the Pier 58 board.

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