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Pier 58 Gloucester is a Gloucester-based, non-profit organization. Our mission is to enhance our community by funding, creating and operating a multi-use venue where all can come together to celebrate Gloucester’s fishing industry and to enjoy entertainment, conferences, the arts, education and celebrations set in a beautiful and welcoming environment.


Generations in the Making

For more than 60 years, Gloucester residents, businesses and elected officials have sought to find a solution for the parcel of land known as I4C2. Located at the waterfront in downtown, this land impacts the daily lives of Gloucester lobstermen, residents, business owners and visitors. Based on conversations with hundreds of local residents and business owners, this project would offer a dynamic and beautiful venue for entertainment, conferences, the arts, education and celebrations. It would contribute to Gloucester’s fishing industry and infrastructure. Best of all, it would be available to everyone who calls Gloucester home.

I4C2 is really two lots in one, both owned by the City of Gloucester. I4C2A is the 28,000 square foot land and water sheet portion abutting the harbor, utilized by some of Gloucester’s lobstermen. I4C2B is the 79,000 square foot landlocked, upland portion. It is now vacant and being used on a temporary basis as a parking lot under a special permit.

Because of multiple layers of regulation and economic and environmental challenges, I4C2B is difficult to develop. Pier 58 Gloucester would be one viable solution with extraordinary benefits to Gloucester’s fishing community, educational system, its emergence as a center for the Blue Economy, as well as a place for entertainment and conferences.